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This wiki serves as a repository of our research for the global oceans conservation community on the 10 Grand Challenges on the Oceans developed for the Oceans Big Think at Scripps Oceanographic Institute in November 2015. This wiki serves both Conservation X Labs and the Oceans X Labs .

About Conservation X LabsEdit

We are designing the future of conservation.

Conservation X Labsis a new startup that seeks to create a different model for conservation.  At its core, it is an innovation platform focused on developing new disruptive breakthroughs in technology, behavior change, and financial incentives, using the power of open collaborative problem solving, directed research and development, and the market.  It focuses on developing innovations that improve the efficacy, speed, cost, and scale of global conservation efforts with the aim of ending human induced extinction.  In particular, CX Labs addresses three fundamental problems in conservation:  Engineering resilience against environmental change, changing demand and incentive structures for the protection of species, and by improving our understanding of species threats and biology through modern technology.  CX Labs’ goal is to create the platforms, coupled with the scientific and technological tools, that empower the larger conservation community. 

Oceans Conservation Grand Challenge TopicsEdit

1. A Blue Revolution for Oceans: Reengineering Aquaculture for Sustainability Edit

2. Ending and Recovering from Marine Debris Edit

3. Transparency and Traceability from Sea to Shore: Ending Over-Fishing Edit

4. Protecting Critical Ocean Habitats: New Tools for Marine Protection Edit

5. Engineering Ecological Resilience in Nearshore and Coastal Areas Edit

6. Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Fishing through Smarter Gear Edit

7. Arresting the Alien Invasion: Combating Invasive Species Edit

8. Combating the Effects of Ocean Acidification Edit

9. Ending Marine Wildlife Trafficking Edit

10. Reviving Dead Zones: Combating Ocean Deoxygenation, Dead Zones, and Nutrient Runoff Edit

Ways to Source, Prototype, Incubate, and Accelerate InnovationsEdit

Design Research for Prototyping, Incubation, and Acceleration

Sourcing Innovations Edit

Prototyping Innovations Edit

Incubating Innovations Edit

Acceleration and Scale Edit

Fund Models & Conservation Finance

50 New Innovations Needed for Conservation Edit

Designing the Next Generation of Technologies

1. DNA Barcode Scanner.

Latest activityEdit

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